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Access to A+ Content

As soon as you have selected an ASIN for which you plan on using your A+ content, you will find it easier to launch your enhanced listings. The simple template setup on Amazon allows you to pick different module layouts as well as media. We make sure that is less is more and that you’re focusing on quality content.

Engage Your Audience with Premium Features

By registering your brand, you will also gain access to features that will set you apart from your competitors. Videos and storefronts will instantly add value to your brand, which will in turn legitimize your brand.

Stores Builder

Amazon has already made it easy for us to create content on storefronts. While working with us, you will choose from one of the templates provided or ask us to start from scratch.

Brand Analytics

Brand analytics puts together purchase behavior and customer search data to aid you in improving your business operations. You will be able to find this feature on this Brand Dashboard and Brand Benefits or you might find this under the ‘Reports’ button in the main navigation bar.

We Protect Your Brand

Alternate Purchase Behavior and Item Comparison

We help you improve your competitive intelligence by understanding which other products are most frequently compared with yours. You will also be able to view the average customers’ final choice once they have viewed your product.

Sponsored Brand Ads

This is another way we help you in engaging with your customers. These headline ads will appear at the very top of the page in your Amazon search results.

Report Violations

You can also track and analyze suspicious infringements in your Amazon storefront by making use of easy search tools and other guided methods.

Amazon Brand Analytics

Utilize powerful data to make well-developed and strategic decisions. Make well-groomed and quicker business decisions by getting to know more about your customers, incorporating customer behavior date reports and search terms.

An All-in-One Amazon Brand Protection Solution

US Trade Mark Solutions that puts up all the necessary protection that is needed to prevent listings from common nuisances. This includes fake reviews, unauthorized sellers, counterfeit products, and more.

Close Monitoring

As clever counterfeiters and hijackers may think they are, they always leave behind some tell-tale signs to give them away. These signs may be hard to detect on your own but this isn’t a problem for our hawk-eyed professionals.

Swift Action

Since we can easily spot dishonest practices and what kind of entities are behind them, we have all the knowledge required to apprehend and control them ASAP. As soon as we’ve found their presence, we will implement measures that are mentioned in Amazon FBA’s guidelines.

Trustworthy Protection

Our trained professionals are well-versed in Amazon guidelines and standards. Given our dedication and training in delivering results, we will deliver results that will either meet, or exceed expectations.


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It is the nature of scaleup and startup businesses to be at the very frontline of innovation. Regardless of the industry you operate or where you are in your business lifecycle, if you wish to protect your breakthroughs, trademark registration is a crucial step in your growth. This is why (Insert Brand Name) helps by safeguarding your ideas and maximizing your profitability.

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