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Why Should You
Trademark Your Book Title

The book title is one of the strongest intangible assets you have if you liquidate it. The title does not only makes you earn in millions but it allows you to create franchises of the book, the book is known by it, it is the first impression that readers have. It makes your entire book be remembered by people.

If you are a writer or an author, you may know how daunting it is to write and put together a book. The book that has taken years to be completed, sleepless nights to generate ideas, and untiring efforts to be written.

Imagine your book written completely, being published, your name getting fame, and all of a sudden, a copied book with the same title enters the market, it ruins your reputation, it ruins your name as a writer and whatnot, you are helpless and thinking how did this happen and then you realized that the book title was not trademarked. Therefore, now you cannot stop them from copying your name.

What do you do to stay away from all this future misery? It is to trademark book name. Trademarking your book title will hold all the rights affiliated to the book to only you and you will also get the benefits (tangible and intangible both).

How to Trademark My Book Title?

You may be thinking that how to trademark my book title. It is quite simple. All you have to do is choose US Trademark Solutions for trademark protection for book titles and your worries will be gone. We, at, US Trademark Solutions are offering trademarks for your book and its name.

We understand how important your book is to you and that you do not want to lose any rights over it no matter what. Therefore, we are here to help you secure your book and its title. With all our services, we assure you of the verification and authentic registration of your book title. We allow you access to the USPTO database, where you can find any registered book title.

The Services at US Trademark Solutions

To make your experience better and to make your book originally only yours, we offer services of


Book Title Trademark Registration

The book title trademark registration service allows you to register your trademark for book titles. In this service, you can register your unique book title name for the trademark and get all rights reserved under your name and your book.


Comprehensive Search for Book Title Trademark

We allow you to comprehensively search for your book name. You can enter a specific name and look if the name already exists or no. If a name appears in the search list already, then think of another title and get it trademarked under your name.


Book Title Trademark Free Search

This is the best service that our customers appreciate the most. Yes, you read it right. We, at US Trademark Solutions, offer free trademark book title search. This means you can search your book name without any payments. This service enables you to look for hundreds of book names and see if your search matches any of the existing ones.


Book Title Copyright Registration

Along with the trademark services, we also offer copyright services. We provide copyrighting of your book and its title. This process is a bit different from trademarking and has some more legalities attached to it.

Cost to Trademark the Book Title

If you are the rightful owner of the book if you own each word of it, and you think this is your creation that the world should adore and appreciate then get your book trademarked. We, at, US Trademark Solutions offer it at affordable pricing and with feasibility. The cost to trademark a book title ranges anywhere from $35 to $100.

The cost is not very high and it brings you the ultimate benefits of the book title. You become the rightful and the only owner of the book; all rights are then reserved to you only, nobody can claim the name of the book.

Trademark You Book Title Now with US Trademark Solutions

US Trademark Solutions offers you to trademark your book title now. Your book should only stay under your name. If you get it trademarked today, all the rights and benefits will reserve only to you. You can earn millions from the book's name. Even if you ever plan to sell the book title, it will give you good monetary benefits, or if you choose to partially share the rights as a franchise, the book will make you earn a huge amount.

This is all possible if you trademark it today. If you skip trademarking the book, you may lose all the benefits. We, at, US Trademark Solutions value your efforts and creativity and therefore, we are always there to help you secure your book.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you should definitely trademark your book title regardless of the genre or age group. Your book pertains only to you and you should make sure of it.
Your book title is the strongest asset you have. It is the identity of your content written after much effort. If you do not trademark the book title, you will have to let go of all the benefits it brings to a writer/author.
The process of trademarking usually takes a couple of weeks. However, if there is seen to be any discrepancy then the process may elongated and take a little while more.
The title is now yours and it belongs to your book only until or unless you sell it or share its rights legally; if the title is copied then you can simply sue the writer/author who has copied it.

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