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Be it mass production or rendering basic services such as even a nail salon, a trademark is a must-have for any business that aims to stay put in the long run. Canada Trademark Application Search is all you need to look up to ensure your brand name is unique in your genre. Why? you may ask. To begin with, a trademark is much of an exclusive name and logo that is all in all, exclusive to one particular body in the entire classification of the business that it operates in. Accessing the Canada Trademark Registration Search is where you will get the answer to your query if that is up your alley. With US Trademark Solutions, The Canada Trademark Search Database something we can work with ease, owing to our past experiences with the country and its system. Be it the Canada IPO trademark search or the Canada IP trademark search, we have proficiency at the entire administration and have worked closely with the relevant institutions for quite some time now. From the cost of a trademark in Canada to the logo designing, we deal with every aspect of the process seamlessly.

Why Canada registered Trademark search?

Accessing the list of the Canada trademark search is crucial for a business looking for longevity and survival. The market in Canada is not only tough but serves a clientele that is keen on the novelty of things. Is it a genuine product? Does the brand follow local legislation? Is the business verified by official government bodies? Those are just a few of the aspects the consumer in Canada is keen on, making a trademark all the more important for a business to avail.

Why choose US Trademark Solutions to access the Canada Trademark Office search list?


Working with a verified body

With US Trademark Solutions, you get to experience the effects of real-time. Once you have your application processed, the very Industry Canada Trademark Search is only moments away for you to avail. Your name will be enlisted in that very list in the coming months. That just means you are now a verified body with the Canadian government acknowledging your name and business, and safeguarding it from getting exploited the wrong way. With a trademark, you even get the right to use any banner that exploits your name or duplicates your products.


Opt for the lowest costs of Trademark Registration in Canada

Acting as a third party, US Trademark Solutions rather is just that in the namesake. Once a client seals the deal with us, we act towards them as their partners rather than just a third party. As an honest team of shrewd executives, we adhere to strict corporate governance practices with transparency being the cornerstone everything that we do. US Trademark Solutions lists out the exact costs involved in the entire procedure. There are no hidden costs to jump-scare you when you sign the deal. Everything on our website is elaborated beforehand. Once you go through it all and agree with the terms and conditions, you finally get the option to pay for the packages.


Warranty your payments

The countless years of experience have secured our organization with a keen understanding of trade on a global plane, making US Trademark Solutions a maestro at its pursuit. From the cost of registering a trademark in Canada to the cost to trademark a logo in Canada, we deal with clients in a way, they receive the worth of their payments along with getting the peace of mind that their investment is in safe hands.

24 hours of customer support care

US Trademark Solutions has spent years in the industry building a carefully curated workforce that is unstoppable now. We assist our clients through every step of the way, day in and out. With our smart web portal, you can reach out to our helpful customer care team that will aid you in every query you may have. From "how to register a trademark logo in Canada?" to "how much does it cost to trademark a logo in Canada?", our team is well-versed in every aspect of the game so feel free to reach out to us anywhere, anytime.

A tailored approach

What lets US Trademark Solutions stand apart from the rest is its well-thought-of approach towards dealing with each client that knocks of their door. We start off with a framework developed to render the easiest route to getting things started with the official body. If the framework does not deem sufficient for a specific scenario, we devise a customized framework within moments to resolve the issues. The proficiency our team sustains makes it effortless to reach the ultimate stage.

Work with experts

With our fool-proof procedure, we have everything shortened in a way, it renders a prompt procedure with no shortfalls. Signing up with us will have you accessing your trademark as per the designated time. Prompt service is just the first of the many perks you get to avail when dealing with a body that has been it for so long. In case you are wondering how do you trademark a logo in Canada, you have the right spot. We are backed with all expertise of graphics designers to attorneys that will be acting in your interest at the official Canadian database so rest assured, you are already there!

Seamless procedure

Working with us will ease your tenure as the work ethic at our end endorses a customer-friendly approach whereby we take the legal undertakings upon ourselves while you rest easy awaiting your trademark.

Frequently Asked Questions

A trademark in Canada can be nailed directly from the authorities at the Canadian Trademarks Database Or, can be availed through a partner like US Trademark Solutions.
An initial application will ask you to enter your credentials along with a fee to pay. Once that is done, your application will begin to process by the officials. The application will be approved in around 3 to 4 months and your name and your selected logo will be approved as a trademark for your business.
You can get your logo testified and trademark through filling out an online application form that will require the credentials needed along with a non-refundable fee.
Trademarking logo design does not take much time. It is usually a process of a couple of weeks or just a little longer and you become the legal owner of the logo. However, if there are disputes over your logo being copied or you not being the rightful owner then the process may take longer.
Basic Trademark registration costs $250 and can go up to $330 for the highest package.

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