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By choosing our E-Commerce Trademark services, you will unlock a host of tools that were designed to allow you to build and protect your brand so you can create better experiences for your customers. Trademark ownership and protection is a very valuable asset for businesses. For instance, as the value of your business grows, so does the value of your trademark.

Why is Trademark Registration Compulsory for E-Commerce Stores?

A while back, no one really knew what e-commerce stores were. Industries were dominated by various retailers and soon enough, internet searches laid down the footprint for the online business model. Of course, this also paved the way for counterfeit e-commerce stores.


Manage Your Online Reputation

Usually, with e-commerce or digital businesses, there is no ‘brick-and-mortar’ store or ‘face’ to represent your brand. Therefore, your reputation solely resides online. This is why it is crucial for businesses to continually manage and monitor their online reputation.


International Protection

E-commerce businesses are global by design. Even though business owners within the US with federal trademarks may be protected, they will have very little protection from infringement overseas.


Continual Renewal

Unlike your store’s brick-and-mortar counterparts, e-commerce businesses could survive online indefinitely. Unlike copyrights and patents, trademarks can easily be renewed and they can last for the entire lifetime of the business. Simply put, trademarks offer peace of mind for business owners.

Protect Your Brand with Comprehensive Trademark Search

By finding out what other trademarks are available out there, you will find whether there is room for the mark that you want to protect. Lucky for you, it couldn’t get easier that our comprehensive trademark services, but you should have a basic idea of what you’re looking for. Our trademark protection services exist so that your customers can uniquely identify your goods and services and differentiate them from your competitors.

Trademarks Can Help Your Brand Image in a Crowded Marketplace

US Trademark Solutions makes the distinction between non-trademarked brands and trademarked ones very clear. Non-trademarked brands typically have no effect on brand image because consumers are usually unaware whether a brand is unique or not. However, once we’ve registered your brand, the USPTO will allow you to add a ® symbol in all your advertising materials – which automatically adds a positive image in the mind of the consumer.

Trademarks Help You Grow Your Business

As you grow your business and establish a name in the industry, you will also increase the value of your trademark. The intangible value of the brand you built from ground up can facilitate the acquisition of a larger company in the future. Registering your trademark will also help expand beyond your core business so you can diversify into other industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

It will take about 6 to 8 (or more) months to complete the whole registration process if your initial application got approved on the very first attempt and you are not asked to make any changes to it.
The U.S Copyright office will take at least nine months to consider your application because they receive over 600,000 applications every year. Meanwhile, you might receive a call, letter, or email from a Copyright Office.
Yes, when you file a copyright application with U.S Copyright, your registration is valid for a long list of countries provided by the U.S Copyright Office.
Yes, everything on your website can be copyrighted, whether it’s content, design, or code. Makes sure you submit a new and revised version of your website because the copyright will be applied only on that version. That’s why you will be required to submit a print version of your website so that U.S Copyright can copyright that version.
Registering catchphrases or slogans as trademarks are similar to registering your company or product names. A slogan is a great asset to those firms that run strong branding and advertising campaigns. The more famous a slogan becomes, the higher the chances of its coping and piracy are. Other organizations might start using similar slogans in their advertising campaigns, so it is wise to trademark your valuable slogans.

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