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You created your dream fragrance and are all set to launch it now. It took you years of perseverance to get there and a lifetime of compassion, determination, and strength to risk it all. A perfume is not just a fragrance for the entrepreneur, it is their ambition coming to life and the merchandise that they have invested upon. With your business taking effect to commence trade of a product such as a fragrance, a lot goes in the making of it. It may seem like it is just the smell of the perfume itself that makes it unique but from a trader's point of view, it's a whole another story. This is where we come in. We are here to not only let you in on the importance of owning a trademark for your perfume but also to also aid you in owning one. Let us begin with the know-how.

Why do you need to acquire a unique identity with a trademark for your perfume?

You know how you have the documents in print, stamped, and signed by official bodies to deem you a citizen of your country? This is precisely what a trademark is, just that it applies to products and to a firm itself. The perfume scent trademark may seem like a logo but that is only the face value of it. At US Trademark Solutions, you will avail yourself of a trademark that will let your perfume stand apart from its perfume trademark class. The process is simple and we have it all sorted out down below in a few points:


Select the name and slogan for the perfume brand trademark

This is where it begins. Enter the exact name and slogan you want to protect, be it the perfume name or your brand name.


Add your credentials

It's a simple form to fill out that will have you list your details. US Trademark Solutions will be contacting you on the details you are providing.


Trademark classification

This is where you have to write a short description of your product that will define the trademark class for your perfume. It’s the tab is where you have to elaborate about your product so that US Trademark Solutions gets to work curating the category your unique product falls into.


Select the type of trademark search

You will be given 4 trademark options here, the basic one being free of cost. Select the option that befits you the best and get on to the next level.


Choose your package

The 3 packages, namely Basic, Standard, and Deluxe are listed for you to opt for. Go through the clauses under each and select your option.

The next page will direct you to the part where you have to select the processing time. Once you have that underway, you will be directed to the payments portal. This is where you now sit back and await your trademark to be processed.

A trademark lets your brand stand apart

There are countless products under a single class and to have your merchandise stand apart amongst the rest, you need to not just work on the product itself, but also purchase a trademark. The simple element of trading under a trademark steers you clear from mistakenly naming your brand or your product with a name that has already been taken up in the class. It will simultaneously prevent competitors from cheating off of your brand name, slogan, or even your products to mislead your potential clients. A patent safeguards your brand image, its distinct name, and even the design of the product, in this case; the perfume design, it’s logo, etc.

Why do you need a Perfume Brand Trademark?

A product holds its unique identity rather majorly through a designated trademark. In the world of trade, holding a patent for your unique brand is important. The patent is what secures your brand name in a way, no one else can take it up. In other words, you are creating a distinct entity in the name of your brand. Let the logo be its face and the registered trademark class be its niche. The rest is upon your product and in this case, we will be shedding some light upon the importance of having a trademark for perfumes.

Easy Registration for Perfume Scent Trademark

Make sure you go through the USPTO ID manual and select the clause that befits your subject matter. Using language directly taken from the ID manual will let your application pass easily and steer your application clear from objections.

Why is it crucial to own a trademark?

From the logo to the documents, getting a trademark is a whole process. It is something that deems a brand of being a verified entity as the trademark is an extension of a declaration from a recognized body.

How does USPTO help with a trademark for perfume?

United States Patent and Trademark Office is the official body that renders trademarks. US Trademark Solutions renders patents under the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the description you add will be matched against the USPTO ID manual for your consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to trademark a logo starts from $220 and can go up to $700. However, the average cost for a small and/or average business lies between $400 to $500. The Cost for trademarking a name lies in the range of $50 to $150 if you are an average business.
Yes, you should definitely trademark your logo even if you are a small-scale business. Since you are a small business, many people or companies may not be aware of your logo design and therefore you are at higher risk of being imitated by any business. Trademark your logo design to stay away from any issues in the future.
If you do not trademark the logo design then your logo is at higher risk of being copied or stolen by absolutely anyone or any business. Furthermore, if the copied logo owners trademark it first then you will have to let go of all the rights on the logo. It is better that you trademark your logo design at the very beginning of your business.
Trademarking logo design does not take much time. It is usually a process of a couple of weeks or just a little longer and you become the legal owner of the logo. However, if there are disputes over your logo being copied or you not being the rightful owner then the process may take longer.
You can always claim right over the logo and sue the company or business that has copied the logo. It is your right to show authority over the trademarked logo design. You can also opt for settlement with them if they want to pay you settlement money.
You have to let go of all the rights on the logo then because there is no proof of the logo being registered under your business name.

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