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02 Preparing your Application

We will perform a thorough search of the database to see if trademark is already in use and then compile your official registration application.

03 Application Filing

We will file your completed application for trademarks with USPTO and copyright registration applications with U.S Copyright Office.

Trademark Registration

Whether it’s your company’s logo, name, product, or symbols or phrases related to your brand, we help you protect all these by registering you for trademark and also help you establish your ownership rights nationwide. Your future claims for litigation against someone for trademark violation automatically gets fortify, if your trademark registration gets accepted by USPTO.

In the beginning of the trademark registration process, our team extensively review and search numerous trademark databases, at the level of state and federal, to find out if there is any conflict with your trademark. This reviewing of various trademark databases for any direct conflicts helps you identify if your trademark is eligible to get registered by USPTO without any complications.

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Comprehensive Trademark Search

In order to ensure that the mark you are using is not being used or already registered by someone else, our team performs a comprehensive trademark search. In the registration process, this search plays an extremely vital role, of not only saving your money but much more. As it is clear that the fee of filling for USPTO is non-refundable, the reviewing of your trademark beforehand is recommended. It is also highly recommended for the new business and startups to perform an extensive trademark search to ensure their good success and reputation.

Your trademark registration application can be rejected if your domain name or business incorporation share any similarity with name of any other business that is already registered with USPTO. If by chance you get the clearance with the similar name, still it will make the situation confusing for your clients and it might also result in the loss of clients.

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Copyright Registration

If you own a business, you have to be very careful and make sure that all the information and products of your company are protected. Whether you have produced a product or wrote a book or even created or designed something unique and original, it is extremely vital for you to copyright it. Anyone can steal your ideas or duplicate them or can illegally use your information, if you don’t properly copyright your stuff.

Your company can also experience a setback in the form of decreasing sales and profits and this can challenge the legitimacy your organization. Your copyright registration will help you avert all these mishaps and help you protect your ownership over your brand and product. The most essential advantage of copyright registration is that your work will be legally recognized as yours and no one will be able to challenge your authority on that.

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Amazon Brand Registration

Our team helps you register your brand on amazon which will give you access to enhanced reporting tools and more control over your brand across Amazon. According to Amazon, more than 130,000 brands around the world have an Amazon brand registration, and on average, they’re finding and reporting 99% fewer suspected infringements than before.

Because of the established reputation of amazon as a business platform, your brand presence on it will automatically help you gain more trust by the clients. Amazon also offers incredibly beneficial tools which helps you cultivate your brand on a massive level. To be eligible for an Amazon brand registration application, your brand must have an active registered trademark in each country where you wish to enroll.

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Business Formation

Your success will depend upon your strategy to run your business. Different businesses have different aims and require different services. There a various types of business corporations to handle your company. The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is currently considered among the most leading business structures within smaller companies. Then there is C Corporation that help you lawfully distinguish your business for tax, regulation and official reasons.

Furthermore, S corporation comes very handy for the small businesses in the season of tax. It also provide the business a good tax compensations while keeping your ownership flexible. Moreover, a Non Profit functions to benefit the public by donating its revenue to them and do not distribute all the revenue to the shareholders. The profit generated by a Non Profit is utilized within the organization to pay salaries of employees and other expenses.

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