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If you have been on the edge about trademarking your brand name or entity, then understand that it is imperative to prevent any misuse or copying of it. US Trademark Solutions has assisted innumerable clients from South Africa and we have helped them claim their rights to do business without any troubles. Therefore, if your wish is to conduct business without the fear of your work being copied, then get in touch with us today to make the most of our services.

How To Claim Your Trademark Name, Design Or Product

One of the initial steps towards claiming your copyrights or registering your trademark is to follow the protocols and find out whether not it already exists. Here is how to do it.


Use US Trademark Solutionss Search Bar

Use our South African Trademark Search Database to find out whether or not your wanted trademark is already registered.


Make A Game Plan With Our Impeccable Team

Once you find out it is taken or not, we move forward to the planning stages. Our experts thoroughly recognize your requirement before moving forward with the process.


Guaranteed Results Without Delays Or Troubles

Once we get to work, you can rest assured that the results would be in your favour. Your trademark and copyrights will be delivered to you without any hassle or additional troubles.

Find Your South African Trademark Registration With Ease

If you are looking to ensure your business goes forward safely and without the fear of your precious work being stolen, then it is high time that you register your signature traits. US Trademark Solutions understands the importance of trademarking the things that make your brand stand out. Considering the competition and the rapid pace of business in today’s world, your unique ideas, designs and names are always at the risk of being copied or stolen entirely. That is why it is imperative that you secure your ideas and make sure they are safe. In case of any misuse or use without permission, you can claim your rights in a South African court. Therefore, it must begin with you finding out whether or not your brand name or your desired trademark words are already registered. The process is made simple with the US Trademark Solutions search feature for specific countries.

South Africa Intellectual Property Office Trademark Search Made Easy

If you are wondering that so far, why we have only talked about properties such as words, names, designs and products then worry not. Because our services are far stretched towards all the legal aid required for trademarking and copyrighting. If you think your creativity is at stake, then our intellectual property trademarking services are for you. All you have to do is start by using our South Africa trademark register search. If your wanted information is not found there, then you can fill our questionnaire and file for additional queries. Our promise to get back to you sooner than later stands firm as we cater to your requirement and look for your desired information thoroughly. Once done, we employ a proven method that US Trademark Solutions experts have used for years. In the result of that, we make sure your intellectual property is registered without any delay.

Impeccable Approach And A Process Made Easy

Many times, brands and companies lose their precious signature traits to the world of law because they do not get it registered. To prevent any of such mishaps, you must use the South Africa trademark search and find out whether any other entity is using what is rightfully yours. One of the main reasons that prevent brands and people from doing is the hassle of meddling with the law. However, we at US Trademark Solutions thoroughly grasp that concern and make the process easier for our clients. Not too long ago, it would take weeks to find out whether or not a name, design or words are registered. However, now our search bar has made the process easy. Moreover, our thoroughly devised approach has made the overall process easier to grasp and understand for our clientele. Therefore, if your concern is about finding the right people to do it for you, then you are in the right place.

Methodical Plans, Cost-Effectiveness & Unmatched Expertise

One of the many reasons that our clients prefer US Trademark Solutions is because we tend to their requirements as our own. Moreover, we tackle all the problems faced by our clientele and take any challenges head-on. Our legal aid and assistance have helped innumerable people around the globe and you can head to the testimonial session to find out more about it. Therefore, rest assured because our services come with a promise of cost-effectiveness and the highest level of proficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you do. If you want to ensure any misuse of your name in your particular industry, then it is wise to register a trademark in your business’ name. It would help you prevent any abuse or use without your permission.
If you do end up finding your name through trademark search, then it means it is already registered. However, the better news is when you cannot find any name registered such as yours. It helps get it trademarked easily.
If you allow usage of your name, design or product, then yes you do get royalties. However, it depends entirely upon the understanding between you and the party, which you allow its use.
Definitely. Because the laws of different countries, South Africa in this case, can be difficult to understand. However, hiring experts who recognize this will make it easier for you.
Depending on whether or not there are any disputes, it takes up about 3-4 weeks to get a brand registered.

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