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We, at US Trademark Solutions have delivered our unmatched trademark services across the planet. We are a group of highly qualified legal experts and lawyers that has the skills and the necessary experience to take care of all your organization’s legal business requirements. Our top-notch Texas trademark registration search services have allowed us to satisfy hundreds of clients in the region. Over the years we have learned that a proactive approach towards safeguarding your brand’s legal concerns is the best approach. Our organization is extremely competent in delivering the best quality trademark services in Texas. We are now also providing Texas secretary of state trademark search services and our Texas registered trademark search services are well-known throughout the region.

We offer our services to business organizations of all sizes and our services for trademark a business name in Texas are of the highest efficiency. We believe in saving an organization’s time and money and aim to have our clients prepared for any legal issues they might face well before they can even arise. If you are a start-up business and concerned about how to trademark a name and logo in Texas then come straight to us. Worrying and thinking how do I trademark a name in Texas will get you nowhere, contact us and let our highly professional and qualified panels of legal experts handle your legal intricacies for you.

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We, at US Trademark Solutions aim to provide our clients with the highest level of services in the most reasonable prices. We understand that it can be extremely difficult for small sized businesses and start-ups to pay high prices because of their low budgets therefore we have designed our service packages in the most comprehensive manner. We have provided our clients with the option to smoothly create a highly prominent online presence for them-selves along with a physical and legal presence as well. We provide a list of services that includes.


Trademark application


Comprehensive search for trademarks


Free trademark search


Copyrights registration


Trademark registration

Our Straightforward & Personalized Trademark Registration Process

We realize that every business organization belongs to a different niche and has different dynamics and needs therefore we are always committed to deliver them with a highly customized trademark search and registration services. We provide our clients with a short questionnaire that can be completed in just a couple of minutes, which allows the trademark application to be initiated. Once your application is completed our professional and legal experts go over your information and make sure that your brand name or trademark names are unique and can be distinguished to avoid any problems in the future. Our proactive approach in the Texas trademark name search is extremely well reputed in the region and is a source for our highest ranking in the industry.

We Look After Entities And Individuals Alike

With our Texas SOS trademark search we have proven that we are the best in the business. We, at US Trademark Solutions ensure that we allow both business organizations and sole owners to make the best use of our professional services for their benefit. US Trademark Solutions is not just a service but in fact, we have always made sure that every single one of our clients is treated like family. Our highly professional and extremely qualified, skilled and experienced legal experts have been taught not to treat clients like robots but instead we are proud to be one of those professionals who ensure that each client is provided services according to their business needs and requirements. We allow our clients full disclosure of our procedures which will be used to safeguard their intellectual properties and assets.

Our Highly Competent Legal Teams

Over the years, we have managed to recruit some of the most highly qualified legal experts, who have vast experience in dealing with trademark and copyrights filing & registration process. With a complete knowledge about these procedures, our unmatched professionals conveniently take care of your business requirements. With a comprehensive knowledge of the legal details and long years of experience, our well-versed team of legal experts provides incomparable levels of services to all our clients. Our panel of legal experts is known for its efficiency and its ability to assess any problems or hiccups that our clients might face in the future. With a vision for a safe and sound future for our clients, we design our services in a manner that completely protects and safeguards our client’s interests.

Our Impeccable Client Care Personnel

We have always kept our clients as our highest priority and believe that in order to keep our clientele happy and satisfied we not only need to keep them informed at all times but also need to provide them with services that exceed their expectations. With our highly competent and thoroughly trained customer care executives on the job, our clients are guaranteed with peace of mind and with answers to every single one of their questions. It is our job to keep your brand legally protected and it is our responsibility to keep our clients informed about all the legal procedures, that are taking place.

Frequently Asked Questions

A trademark is normally used to register and protect your brand name, slogans, logos and anything that might be associated with your organization. On the other hand, a copyright is used to safeguard your work, so that it is not used without your permission.
There are, basically, two types of marks, trademarks and service marks. Trademarks protect brand names, logos, designs, texts and symbols whereas, service marks are there to protect the source of a specific service.
In order for a brand to protect its name and image in the market, it needs to register a trademark so that everything associated with the brand such as its name, logo, symbol or catch phrase cannot be used by anyone else.

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