Free Trademark Name Search

We offer quick and free searches through USPTO databases for pending or existing trademarks.

Whipped Up a Great Trademark?

We offer our clients free trademark search with the goal of eliminating and identifying
those marks that cannot prevail. In doing so we will save your business a great deal
of aggravation and money down the line.

Only $149
Federal and State Search

With the Federal and state search, you get to know about a detailed report gathered from different countries. It will make it clear if anybody in your state is using it or not.

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Only $299
Federal, State & Common Law

Many platforms and entities misuse trademarks of other organizations and stay hidden by not registering the trademark. So the common law method will help find them.

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Only $499
Global U.S. & International Search

The Global search is a massive search process that covers all the areas included in the Federal and Common Law searches. It build a massive report that covers everything

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Register your mark so your competitors can’t benefit from it.

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It is the nature of scaleup and startup businesses to be at the very frontline of innovation. Regardless of the industry you operate or where you are in your business lifecycle, if you wish to protect your breakthroughs, trademark registration is a crucial step in your growth. This is why (Insert Brand Name) helps by safeguarding your ideas and maximizing your profitability.

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